21 ExtraORDinary Kimberley Experiences in Kununurra

21 ExtraORDinary Kimberley Experiences in Kununurra

So … if you were playing along at home over the past few weeks, you would have noticed on our Facebook page that we have been sharing what we think are 21 ExtrORDinary Kimberley Experiences that you can have whilst staying in Kununurra.  It should be noted that this list doesn’t really stop at 21 as there are SO MANY great things you can do whilst you are here!

To make it easier than scrolling through the weeks, here are our 21 ExtraORDinary Experiences that you can have in 2021 …

  1. CRUISE THE ORD (of course!). What better way to spend a day than out on the water amongst beautiful scenery with a plethora of birdlife and wildlife, the scintillating company of your skipper/tour guide and a short stop riverside for a bite to eat?  And … did you know that our J4 – Ord River Explorer with Sunset provides you with ‘Australia’s Longest Daily River Cruise’ – a 110km return journey!
  2. DINNER ON THE ORD. Our sister company Kununurra Cruises offers a brilliant afternoon/evening on Lake Kununurra … a free drink as you board and a relaxing cruise on Lake Kununurra before ducking into the serene Packsaddle Lagoon for a Kimberley-inspired dinner – YUMMO!
  3. PURNULULU NATIONAL PARK. You really MUST go check out the World-Heritage listed Bungle Bungle … whether you take a scenic flight or drive yourselves to the Park (we absolutely recommend a walk amongst the Domes … belting out a tune in Cathedral Gorge (or having someone else do it!) … a visit to Echidna Chasm … wandering in to see Mini Palms … and Homestead Gorge … and …. and ….).  Get amongst it!
  4. GORGES AND SPRINGS. We have so many to choose from, particularly along the Gibb River Road.  We have the coldest water (in our view, Emma Gorge) and the hottest water (Zebedee Springs (pictured) and many in between.  You will need to allow yourself some time to see them all so plan ahead.
  5. LAKE ARGYLE SUNSET SWIM. Yes please!  You can join a cruise from Lake Argyle and take in the magnificent landscape of the Lake … all whilst floating around on a pool noodle with a refreshing beverage in your hand!  Kimberley perfection.  If you want to see more … and we really do mean MORE of the Lake – check out the Best of Lake Argyle option (which also includes sunset drinks & a swim).
  6. HOOCHERY DISTILLERY. A visit to Kununurra is not complete without a visit to Western Australia’s oldest operating legal still!  So many extraordinary drinks to try (& purchase) including Spike’s Reserve 15/10/7 Year Old, 5 Rivers Spiced Rum, Cane Royale, the Argyle Pink Gin and many more!  Why not give them all a go and purchase a tasting paddle or two?  You can also do a tour of the still.
  7. MIRIMA NATIONAL PARK (Hidden Valley). Who has a National Park on its doorstep?  We do!  Literally a 5-10min drive from any local accommodation option.  Seriously!  A beautiful place to be either early in the morning or as the sun is going down and there are walking trails to follow.
  8. INFINITY POOL. The most photographed pool in the Kimberley and it is easy to see why …. that view!  Head on up to Lake Argyle (to stay or grab a day-pass) and you could be frolicking around in this extraordinary infinity pool.  What’s not to love about that?
  9. GALLERIES GALORE. We have so many talented artists and artisans who create the most amazing work.  From potters to painters, stone sculptors to candle and soap makers … you could spend a day exploring these extraordinary artisans.
  10. OUTDOOR CINEMA. The Kununurra Picture Gardens has been showing movies in Kununurra for over 50 years and is one of only a few drive-in cinemas still operating in Australia.  Movies are generally shown March to September (subject to weather) and remember to pack your camping chair, your beanbag or throw a mattress in the back of the ute for a true Kimberley movie experience!
  11. DIAMOND COAST. Join a scenic flight over the East Kimberley coast to take in the incredible landscape.  King George Falls (pictured), Berkeley River, Faraway Bay, Kalumburu, Kimberley Coastal Camp, Mitchell Falls … so many icons to see.  Book a night or two at a coastal camp/lodge and marvel at the remoteness, the landscape and the amazing facilities on offer!
  12. CROCODILES. Never smile at a crocodile, No, you can’t get friendly with a crocodile … oh … never mind … singing is not really high on our list of skills or abilities.  Touring is the best (and safest option) to catch sight of one of these in their habitat.  Freshies (pictured) are more our thing however, you can see the grumpy salties in the lower part of the Ord (some of them are hard to miss … they can grow to 5-6m in length … YIKES!  The taxidermized ‘Sweetheart’ in the NTs Darwin Museum (who used to play with boat props for a living) is 5.13m).
  13. PINK DIAMONDS. Aaah … the extraordinariness of a glistening Argyle pink diamond.  “Pink diamonds are complicated structures. What makes them so beguiling also makes them harder to cut, with polishing taking three to four times longer than white diamonds. It takes a true craftsman to hone nature’s art into a masterpiece”, Kimberley Fine Diamonds. We recommend you pop in and check out these extraordinary gemstones –  and/or buy one!
  14. TWITCHING. With around 200 extraordinary species to see, you could be wandering around twitching for hours … days even …  We came across these nifty guides via birdlife.org.au – check them out or print them out and bring them with you.  https://www.birdlife.org.au/images/uploads/branches/documents/WA-Kununurra_Bird_Guide-2A.pdf https://www.birdlife.org.au/images/uploads/branches/documents/WA-Kununurra_Wyndham_Bird_List-2B.pdf https://www.birdlife.org.au/images/uploads/branches/documents/WA-01a_wyndham.pdf
  15. GOURMET? CAMP OVEN? Alrighty then … we’re IN although, who would’ve thought those words would go together?  Picture this … remote location, gourmet food with a focus on fresh, local ingredients, drinks, stories, jokes, music and … a loo with a view (you’ll see what we mean when you book this one!).
  16. MUSTER. Muster up your gang and join in the Kimberley’s most extraordinary festival – the Ord Valley Muster.  Held in May, the Muster consists of many events from free to $$$ and is a real showcase of the people, the place and the party that is Fununurra (yep … we’re changing the name)!  Triple J Tours have been happily supporting the Muster since its first event in 2001 and with no thanks to COVID-19, we will be hopefully be supporting the 20th Anniversary event (a year late) this May.  Book now though … tickets are selling fast!
  17. FIVE RIVERS LOOKOUT. Also known as the Bastion, this is our most favourite natural lookout.  The drive to the top will have you viewing where five rivers all meet in the Cambridge Gulf at just over 330m above sea level – the King, Ord, Durack, Forrest and Pentecost rivers.  As with many places in the East Kimberley, sunrise and sunset are the most extraordinary of times to be atop the Bastion.
  18. CULTURE VULTURE. No-one knows this land like our Traditional Owners.  You can book an art tour (pictured), sunset tour, on country tour, National Park tour, tag-along tour or just have a yarn to a local you may meet along the way.  A local hidden gem is the Mirima Dawang Woorlab-gerring Language and Culture Centre which began in the 70s to preserve, analyse and record the language and culture of the Miriwoong and Gajirrabeng people.  Here you can purchase Miriwoong learning resources or join a language class.
  19. KIMBERLEY CAMPING. Boab trees ü Rivers ü Ancient landscape ü Remoteness ü Friends and/or family ü.  You’re all set for sleep-over or two under a trillion stars (you can actually see that many from up here!).  It is not unusual to find a spot away from others to call your own and from your camping spot, you may be able to access a river to fish in, gorges to explore, sunsets to behold and wake up with the birds (one or more of those 200 species of the feathered variety) … bliss!
  20. CATCH A BARRA! Did you know that in the past eight years, more than 850,000 Barramundi fingerlings have been stocked into Lake Kununurra?  You can literally throw a line in just minutes from town – extraordinary!  If saltwater Barra are more your thing, then you can head to the Lower Ord or one of the many other rivers here in the East Kimberley (here’s Ryland with his 118cm catch & release from Secret Spot #657).  For the thrill seeker – book a heli-fishing charter.
  21. HOUSEBOAT. There may only be one BUT … it’s a good ‘un!  What better way to while away a day or more than floating on Lake Kununurra on a houseboat?  With various locations to moor and the inclusion of fishing kayaks or an electric powered tender, you will likely find yourselves having the whole river (Lake Kununurra) almost to yourselves most of the time!  After experiencing our previous 20 extraORDinary experiences … we think this is the perfect way to kick back and relax … and plan your next trip!

What a selection!  Join us in Kununurra this year (all going well of course) and tick some of these extraORDinary experiences off your Kimberley Bucket List!


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