About The Region

About The Region

Fewer people than almost anywhere else

Covering an expanse of around 423,000 square kilometres, the Kimberley region of Western Australia is a remote and sparsely populated treasure-trove of Australian landscape and Indigenous culture. Its stunning scenery and spectacular natural attractions are a source of constant adventure.

Swap ordinary for extraordinary and head north into one of the planet’s last true wilderness destinations. Immerse yourself in the unique Australian outback, the colours and the crocodiles, in a bird watcher’s paradise.

The picturesque outback township of Kununurra, at the river’s edge, is a popular hub for visitors and an ideal departure point for tours.

You’ll find a lot of information on the Kimberley but nothing that comes close to the actual experience. One of the common things we hear people say is “we’ll be back”, there is so much to see and do. It is rumoured that once you taste the water from the Ord, you will indeed return.

Fast facts

  • The Kimberley is twice the size of the state of Victoria
  • That’s three times the size of England and bigger than Germany
  • Think roughly the size of California and larger than Japan
  • Number of sealed roads: One (uno, singular, one sealed road)
  • In the Kimberley a lot of people live and work on cattle stations, in Aboriginal communities and mining camps
  • There are only three towns in the Kimberley with more than 2,000 people Kununurra is one of these

Travel Tip: Tour operators in the East Kimberley often work together on tour options with discounts.

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Triple J Tours is a multi-award winning company that provides the longest continuous daily river cruise in Australia, 55km on the Ord River between Kununurra and the Ord Top Dam at Lake Argyle.

The Ord River provides one of the most stunning river systems in Australia, it is scenically beautiful and rich in wildlife and flora.

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