Australia's Longest Daily River Cruise

Australia’s Longest Daily River Cruise

Where else in Australia can you take a cruise along a river for 110km in a day?  Triple J Tours’ (J4) Ord River Cruise does just that!  Explore the spectacular Ord River in style on-board one of Triple J’s fast boats departing from the Diversion Dam (Lake Kununurra), 55km to the Ord Top Dam (Lake Argyle) and return.  You will be surrounded by flora, birdlife and wildlife as you spend a few hours on the water enjoying the weather and the view as Triple J Tours winds its way along the Ord through beautiful gorge country, areas of rapids, wide sections of the river and narrow – there is never a dull moment on Australia’s longest daily river cruise!  Knowledgeable Skippers will share with you an abundance of facts and figures along the way and there is plenty of time for you to ask questions so you can be sure to leave the tour knowing as much as there is to know about the Ord River Irrigation Area.

If a shorter amount of time on the river is what you prefer, then there are two options to go one way on Lake Kununurra – Kununurra to Lake Argyle or vice versa.  You can board one of the comfortable coaches for the 70km drive to Lake Argyle, stopping off at the Argyle Downs Homestead Museum on the way before joining a Triple J vessel at the base of the Ord Top Dam wall and cruising 55km home.  Alternatively, you can cruise from Kununurra to the Ord Top Dam and return by coach to Kununurra, again stopping at the Argyle Downs Homestead Museum on the way.  Option One the J3 Ord River Day Tour includes afternoon tea at one of Triple Js secluded riverside camps, Option Two the J2 Ord River Day Tour and Riverside Lunch includes lunch at one of the riverside camps.

Book Australia’s longest daily river cruise (J4) here and book Australia’s shortest flight from Melbourne to Kununurra through Virgin Australia – prices start from $399 each way.


Triple J Tours

Triple J Tours is a multi-award winning company that provides the longest continuous daily river cruise in Australia, 55km on the Ord River between Kununurra and the Ord Top Dam at Lake Argyle.

The Ord River provides one of the most stunning river systems in Australia, it is scenically beautiful and rich in wildlife and flora.

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