Ord River Express via the Kimberley Express

Ord River Express via the Kimberley Express

The Kimberley Express will have you escaping the east coast winter via a direct flight for an extraordinary Ord River experience with Triple J Tours.  Direct flights to Kununurra can be booked through www.virginaustralia.com ex-Melbourne and prices start from $399 each way.  With flights commencing on May 15 ex-Melbourne and running throughout the east coast winter to the end of August, 2020 is the time to get the Kimberley off your bucket list onto your ‘now’ list.  It has never been easier or quicker to fly direct to the Kimberley via the Kimberley Express!

Once you are here, you will want to get out on the Ord River.  Offering Australia’s longest daily river cruise, Triple J Tours cruises the section of the Ord River between the Diversion Dam (Kununurra) and the Ord Top Dam (Lake Argyle), a stretch of the river known as Lake Kununurra.  With the water kept at a constant level between the two dam walls year-round, the tour provides an abundance of flora, birdlife and wildlife for the 55km of fast-boat cruising – you may even spot a Freshwater Crocodile or two!

Options include a coach trip to/from Lake Argyle, a visit to the Argyle Downs Homestead Museum and afternoon tea (where you can try a scrumptious pumpkin scone!) or lunch at one of Triple J Tours secluded camps on the banks of the river.  The cruises also include an informative commentary on all things Ord … the river, its purpose, the produce, facts and figures.

Known for providing one of the most extraORDinary tours in the region, you will not want to miss a Triple J Tours cruise and as the Number 1 Boat Cruise on TripAdvisor, it seems many people agree!  Triple J Tours provides an extraORDinary experience not to be missed.  Bookings for your Ord River experience can be made online www.triplejtours.com.au/tour.


Triple J Tours

Triple J Tours is a multi-award winning company that provides the longest continuous daily river cruise in Australia, 55km on the Ord River between Kununurra and the Ord Top Dam at Lake Argyle.

The Ord River provides one of the most stunning river systems in Australia, it is scenically beautiful and rich in wildlife and flora.

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